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Course Specific Instruction

Course Specific Instruction

Naval Postgraduate School

DCS has provided key support to the Naval Postgraduate School’s mission since 2001.  The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), located in Monterey, California supports the U.S. Navy, other U.S. military branches, and foreign military services with postgraduate education for personnel and research capabilities for the Department of Defense. NPS is a complex organization that is a government activity with a primary mission of graduate education – an academic mission within a military environment. They maintain a strong research program that supports its primary mission of graduate education. Research is conducted in the Naval Postgraduate School’s eleven academic departments and seven interdisciplinary groups.

Faculty and student research at NPS increases combat effectiveness and operational efficiency of the Military. NPS research provides direct support to the Navy, and other military branches by solving technical, strategic, tactical, logistical, managerial, acquisition and personnel problems. NPS research indirectly supports the military’s missions as graduates take their new knowledge and skills back to their community and apply those abilities to solving real world problems. NPS research indirectly supports the Military through faculty availability for consultation and faculty participation in Military study groups.

DCS has been providing support to the following research programs and departments at NPS:

  • School of International Graduate Studies: National Security Affairs, Defense Resource Management Institute
  • Graduate School of Business and Public Policy
  • Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science: Applied Mathematics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Astronautical Engineering, Meteorology, Oceanography, Physics, Systems Engineering
  • Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences: Computer Science, Defense Analysis, Information Sciences, Operations Research
  • The Cebrowski Institute for Information Innovation and Superiority
  • MOVES (Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation) Institute
  • Wayne E. Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering
  • The SEED (Simulation Experiments and Efficient Design) Center for Data Farming Center for Material Sciences
  • National Security Affairs (NSA) Department
  • Center for Contemporary Conflict (CCC)
  • Center for INFOSEC (Information Systems Security) Studies and Research
  • Rocket and Combustion Laboratory
  • Spacecraft Research and Design Center

U.S. Military Academy

DCS provides support to the U.S. Military Academy (U.S.MA) at West Point. West Point is known as a premier leader development institution and accomplishes its mission by developing cadets intellectually, physically, militarily, ethically, spiritually, and socially.
DCS supports the Department of Social Sciences, Office of Economic Manpower Analysis, Combating Terrorism Center, Center for Enhanced Performance and the Directorate of Contracting.

U.S. Air Force Academy

DCS is the prime contractor on an IDIQ research and development contract supporting the U.S. Air Force Academy (U.S.AFA) Dean of Faculty. DCS supports U.S.AFA, whose campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including laboratories, observatories and a library containing over 700,000 volumes.