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DCS was founded in 1994 with the express intent of providing IT and Network support services and products in the Federal Market Sector and in particular the Department of Defense (DoD).  Today the company is an established IT solutions and services provider and support contractor in every sense. 

As a top federal systems integrator, DCS provides pre-delivery, as well as on-site engineering, integration and test of Enterprise class computing and storage systems. DCS provides support services ranging from hardware and software acquisition, engineering and integration, to software development and systems and network administration by DCS’ experienced and certified experts.

Our contract activities are oriented toward the federal government and companies who support this arena.  DCS is a federal government contractor and has a Top Secret facility and several personnel who hold Top Secret clearences. Because many of our customers’ needs are time critical, we have developed processes/procedures that allow us to obtain or transfer clearances in a minimal amount of time.

  Capabilities Include:

Network/Systems Administration

  • Network Administration and Support

  • Network Design and Implementation

  • Data Center Design, Operations and Moves

  • Systems Administration and Support

  • Systems Analysis

  • Systems Engineering

  • Storage Solutions: SAN and NAS

  • Data Management and Disaster Recovery

  • Enterprise Systems Design and Installation

  • Information Assurance

  • Database Administration
  • Database Development
  • Administrative Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Desktops through Enterprise Solutions

  • Integration and Testing Lab

    Software Engineering

  • Modeling and Simulations Development

  • Production

  • Graphics

  • Audio Engineering

  • Web Development and Hosting

  • Motion-Capture Studio Services

  • Database Design and Support

  • Game Design and Development

  • Legacy Systems Support

  • Migration Services

  • Programming

  • Quality Assurance

  • Help Desk
  • Support Services

  • Warranty tracking, update, and renewal services

  • Hardware/Software Maintenance Contracts
  • Facility Operations and Maintenance

  • Contract Administration

  • Custom Solutions
  • DCS-4100 3.3v PCI Signal Compatible DR11W, DRV11-WA Controller
  • Full Data Sheet

  • The company prides itself on our customer focus and the ability to fulfill or exceed all customer requirements within allotted schedules and budgets.  In this era of emphasis on past performance and customer satisfaction, excellent performance is necessary and critical for securing future business.  The following comments from our customers are indicative of our continued focus on the customer.


    The following descriptions present DCS IT activities that demonstrate the depth and breadth of our talent and capabilities.  

    1. Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).  DCS provides support, which has included: Systems Engineering, High Performance Computer Programming/Modeling, Wargaming Operations and Programming, C4I Research and Data Mining, Data Processing, Information Security, Database Administration, Modeling and Simulation, Software Development, IT Training, Instructional Support, Distributed Learning Development, Web Development and Technical Support.  Current staffing is approximately 150 individuals. 
    2. Fleet Numerical Meteorology & Oceanography Center (FNMOC).  DCS supplies personnel at FNMOC to accomplish Operational Engineering and Support, Security Administration, and Systems and Network Administration. 
    3. America’s Army Game.  DCS has provided software and web development, modeling and simulation, and IT support to the US Army for over six years. We maintained a DCS facility in northern California that housed our Motion Capture Studio and Sound Studio and contingent of 32 personnel who supported this program. 
    4. General Dynamics (GD) Support.  GD contracted with DCS to supply 17 SUN servers with HP SAN systems for a major SPAWAR (Philadelphia) contract.  These systems were required to be DII COE compliant.  They are high availability systems that involve multiple OS environments.  Delivery was ahead of schedule and under budget.
    5. Air Force Range Standardization Automation Phase II A (RSA IIA).  This was a ten-year $30M subcontract awarded to DCS in 1997 by the prime contractor, Lockheed Martin.  Work included complete IT support, product integration, and on-going logistics and maintenance for the Air Force Space Command’s Eastern and Western Launch Ranges.
    6. Navy Marine Corp Intranet Contract (NMCI) for Information Technology.  DCS is a subcontractor, under EDS, to provide Network Support Services for Network Site Surveys.  The work involves verification, validation, and documentation of existing network design and topology.
    7. Edwards AFB F-22 Data Collection Labs.  DCS has been involved in all IT/MIS efforts with the F-22 Program Office since it’s inception at Edwards AFB almost eight years ago.  We designed, developed, and implemented numerous data labs to collect and analyze data for avionics, flutter analysis, instrumentation, and other flight information. 
    8. Network Operations:  Space Command Network Operations Security Center (NOSC).  DCS was responsible for the design and implementation of a dual-redundant network that handled secure communications for three commands:  NORTHCOM, PACCOM and SPACECOM.
    DCS provides support to the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC), which has the mission to collect, interpret, and apply global atmospheric and oceanographic data and information in support of strategic and tactical warfare and peace-keeping initiatives. FNMOC is the DoD’s principal operational processing center for automated numerical meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) analyses and predictions. FNMOC consists of High Performance Computing (HPC) systems that run the numerical atmospheric/oceanographic models and other systems, which provide data communications, pre- and post- processing, derived applications and web services. These products are then distributed either directly to customers or to regional centers and made available to DoD activities worldwide.

    Current DCS tasking at FNMOC includes the following: 
    System Administration Engineering Support.DCS provides HPC system administration engineering services including installation, maintenance, configuration, security compliance and support for all designated baseline Unix, Linux and AIX operating systems at FNMOC.
    Operational Reachback Engineering and Support.  This entails a wide variety of systems engineering, design and support tasks.  DCS provides engineering support expertise and services needed to ensure that Operational Reachback is integrated into POPS2-U and its two subsystems, AMS and ATOS. The AMS systems include those systems FNMOC acquires and operates under the High Performance Computing Modernization Office (HPCMO) Distributed Center authorization.
    Administrative Support.  DCS provides general and specialized administrative support services.
    Security Administration and SupportDCS provides a central control point for maintaining security clearances, access levels, and visitor control.

    In 2000, The Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) contracted with Lockheed Martin Mission Systems (LMMS) to perform testing of the F22 avionics, power plant and airframe systems.  As an integral member of the LMMS team, DCS performed the design, development, implementation, and testing of numerous data laboratories used to collect and analyze test data.  The infrastructure consisted of (6) compartmented GIGABIT fiber backbones connecting eight Broad Area Network (BAN) sites within the AFFTC.  Of the eight sites, three were major data processing, storage, and distribution centers. 

    As a part of this effort, DCS was tasked to work with all of the IT/Networking vendors and prepare vendor comparisons and cost trade-off analyses. Additionally, DCS developed the client/server architecture, installed and integrated the network and server suite, tested and ensured data integrity between the 3 levels of classification, and set up complex training courses on mapping for the Storage Area Network subsystem.  DCS personnel also assisted in the development and verification of test, analysis, and reporting software.  Once the systems were operational, DCS personnel provided expert advice on system change and upgrades.

    DCS has continually been involved in all Information Technology (IT)/Management Information Systems (MIS) efforts with the F-22 Program Office at Edwards AFB.  Specifically, the work involves design, development, and implementation of a multi-vendor server and network topology for the F-22 data labs.  DCS worked in an integrated team effort with Air Force Flight Test Center, Lockheed Martin, CSC, Digital/Compaq/HP, Oracle, Cabletron and other subs in this design and implementation effort.  We were tasked to bring in and work with all the IT/Networking vendors identified to do vendor comparisons and cost trade-off analyses. Additionally, DCS developed the client/server architecture, installed/integrated the network and server suite, tested and insured data integrity between the 3 levels of classification, and set up complex training courses on mapping for the Storage Area Network subsystem.
    DCS has provided multiple system deliveries of EVA5000 Fiber channel SAN with 17TB of storage under multiple purchase orders. DCS has also provided several Proliant DL500 series servers configured for Fiber Channel connectivity. The customer performs their own site installation and DCS involvement includes:
    Presales engineering support to the customer to finalize the hardware Bill Of Materials required for turnkey deliveries.
    Pre-delivery integration as required by the customer.
    Knowledge transfer and telephone support throughout the process.
    Remote technical support during installation and initial setup.
    No cost telephone and e-mail technical support on all equipment and systems.

    Air Force Range Standardization and Automation (RSA) II is a complex, multi-disciplined program that requires vigilant interface with the prime and the government, particularly in mission critical arenas (space launches).  Because the ADPE that was designed, ordered, integrated and installed by DCS is a critical component in the success of RSA II, DCS personnel were on call 24 x 7.  In addition to critical responses, as the supplier of all the ADPE for the contract, as well as assisting with the installation/deinstallation and testing of the data networks end-to-end, DCS also had to stay abreast of significant technologies as they become available. When the infusion of these new technologies came to the forefront and resulted in changes that impacted the program, DCS and LMMS partnered in developing Engineering Change Proposals (ECP) for submittal to the 30th Space Wing. As the Value Added Reseller (VAR) and integrator/installer for the RSA II prime contractor, DCS was required to maintain currency on all certifications, technical training, accreditation, and performance metrics required to order, integrate, install, and maintain subject networking and ADPE equipment.  Finally, for the RSA II program, DCS warehoused (a certified logistics facility in southern CA with automated parts bins, etc.), pre-staged, packaged, maintained control, transported and performed maintenance on all of the computer resource equipment. Using a database system agreed to by DCS, LMMS and the Air Force, DCS assisted the configuration control process by supplying information on all the hardware and software that was received into the warehouse and integration facility.

    Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) contracted with DCS to provide the design, testing, installation and commissioning of a command-wide Network Operations Security Center (NOSC).  The goal of the contract was to re-engineer AFSPCs entire classified enterprise network, involving 12 command sites.  The major task elements of this contract included:
    Develop an initial MAJCOM centric Architecture for the Command classified enterprise, as defined in AFI 33-115
    Design the MS 2003 active directory architecture and a corresponding implementation plan
    Develop the re-engineering design for a MAJCOM centric classified enterprise
    Develop the Concept Of Operations (CONOPS) and implementation plan, including a Configuration Management plan, in support of the new design
    Produce the Business Case Analysis (BCA) of the new design, which included a master hardware and Software Bill Of Materials (BOM) and projected cost volume.  The DCS produced Architecture and BCA was used by the AFSC and to develop the Command budget.

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